Anonymous Does anybody else feel sad that childish Gambino is starting to get really popular


Well I think the conversation concerning his place in the rap game is starting to come to fruition, which isn’t a bad thing.

At the same time, he’s the only person whose music I listen to that I can be snobby and say “I listened to him before blah blah blah”. I’m proud of that fact but only in a way that makes people realize that he has always had fans, not in a way to be stuck up about it.

I also think his attitude toward the recognition he’s been getting will change him as a rapper as well, but this is purely my opinion.

What do you guys think?

Fuck. It will probably change him.
…But it’s shown that as his discography progresses, he’s gotten better and better overall. But that’s just my opinion




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Oh my GOSH I love these so much it isn’t even real. Damn. Respect.


Extremely dope

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When you think about it, the mascot for snapchat is pretty weird lol. What does this ghostlike creature have to do with me snapping a chat?

First it’s there
Then it’s gone

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I’m going to randomly attack some blogs

Blow up some notes, leave anon love. Bring on the lookout, yes?

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